Passionate about Apple Mac and their products, I help Mac based startups and creative industries get incredible results with technology.

Just like Apple itself, I was “Made in California”.  My approach is friendly, knowledgeable and single-mindedly enthusiastic about Apple and its products.


With over 20 years experience I have helped many clients ranging from private individuals who need help with their Apple systems to large organisations installing, consulting and supporting their infrastructure.


I can help you get your Mac, iPhone and iPads all working the way you want them, and give you advice about how to keep it all organised.



What do you need ?

  • apple support

    All Mac hardware repair covered, with or without Apple warranty. VIP support and additional support on all devices.

  • deployment

    Configure, deploy and support Mac and iOS devices through the use of Mobile Device Management and Apple Business Manager.

  • networking & security

    Networking and security help small and medium businesses run and protect their operations with powerful technology.


    Clients that need a higher level of service can benefit from priority bookings, fast email & phone and after hours support.

Core philosophy

My core philosophy is to deliver an exceptional experience for my clients, I believe in a value driven service and I understand that every client has different goals and objectives. 

I believe through my years of experience in working in the Apple eco-system, I can help companies and individuals move up to the next level. Businesses and individuals around the world are using Apple devices and applications to change the way they work.

In COVID times, it has accelerated the need to understand and use technology to work smarter and be more efficient in the way we get things done.

Unfortunately businesses who choose to ignore technology can face extinction but it’s not too late to get help.

Businesses who use Apple technology have the ability to be more efficient, better informed and able to provide exceptional customer service.

Apple products and applications can simplify core business processes, increase employee productivity and eliminate production errors in the channel.

Today, we need to work smarter and more effectively to compete in your marketplace and I can help you achieve this.

Let’s work together to simplify your tech & workflow